SIM Card Template + 1 Adaptor - Convert MINI Sim to MICRO Sim

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Micro SIM Card Template + 1 Adaptor in 1 x Brand New Sealed Foil Package
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Convert your MINI-Sim-Card to a MICRO-Sim-Card using the template & scissors
Now you can use your 2degrees SIM card, your vodafone prepay SIM card or your Telecom XT SIM card in the new ipad or iphone4
Then use the enclosed Adaptor to convert your MicroSIM Card back to a MiniSIM Card (full sized sim)

This 2 in 1 Feature Template & Adaptor can be used in any device which accepts 3G SIM cards, like wireless routers, 3G USB modems, 3G cell phones, laptops, netbooks etc.. * Note: We cannot guarantee that the adapter will work with all GSM handsets, but it fits most of them

* Size: 25 x 20mm (L x W)


How to make a Micro SIM from a regular SIM card?

* Peel & Stick the label with the dotted line onto the back of your regular SIM card
* Cut your SIM card along the dotted lines to get the correct size of a Micro SIM card
* This micro SIM card can now be used in your iPad and iPhone 4G

How to restore your regular SIM card?

* Peel & Stick the rest of label on the adapter
* Insert the micro SIM card into the adapter
* Your regular sized SIM card is now restored

We've been very successful in cutting Sim cards into the MicroSim Card size, but can't take ANY responsibility if you damage your simcard or iPad/iPhone/device whilst installing the sim or using the sim in it. This item does not have any type of warranty.

We also sell the Handtool for machine cutting of a Mini simcard to a Micro Simcard if you are not comfortable using scissors PLUS different PLASTIC Adaptors, see my other listings using search word ' Micro Sim '

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